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Specification of PHE Gasket

PHE Gasket

As the major component of the plate heat exchanger, our replaceable PHE gaskets come in four types, including clipped, glued, button locked, sounder lock type, determined by the different installation methods. They also can be divided into parallel and diagonal types according to the shape of the gasket slopes.

Material Allowable Temperature Applicable Media
EPDM -50/180 Various dilute inorganic acids, sulfuric acid (concentration of less than 30%), hydrochloric acid, carbonic acid, inorganic bases, and various concentrations of inorganic chloride, aqueous solution, ammonia, aqueous ammonia, organic amine compound, bleaching solution, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and other chemical solvents. Food, beverage, water vapor, air, ozone and other media.

NBR -20/135 Mineral oil, lubricant oil, fuel oil, various hydrocarbons, food grease, hot air, water

Viton -50/250 Concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid (concentration of less than 65%), hydrochloric acid of various concentrations, various oxidants, acidic electroplating solutions, caustic soda of various concentrations, the polar solvent and alcohol. Non-polar mineral oil (under the high temperature), such as gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil


Silicon -65/230 Low Temperature and Dry Heat Resistant




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